Solution Components

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Wonder Painter Creator

An authoring software for creating your own interactive contents, to be experienced in the Wonder Painter™ style. Easy to use and versatile, you can create anything from a simple animated movement to multi-scene, multi-character full animated stories. Content created using Wonder Painter Creator can be used in all of our solution: Wonder Painter Player, Wonder Painter SDK, and Wonder Painter Cloud Service.

 ● System requirements:

  • Mac OS、Windows(XP \ Win7 \ Win8 \ Win10) 

● Tools: 

  •  Wonder Painter Creator Tool 
  •  Wonder Painter Previewer APP (iOS &Android Version) – To preview contents made with Wonder Painter Creator Tool. 
  • Contents Management Platform – To upload, publish, encrypt and delete contents. Comes with a complete account man agement system. 

Wonder Painter SDK

User-generated image (photos taken with camera, drawings on paper or screen, existing image, etc.) with single-color background can be transformed into characters with scripted animated movements in Wonder Painter Creator.
Enables software developers to integrate the Wonder Painter™ technology into their own product/app, be it a game, a smart toy, an art education or a social network… imagination is the limit. 
Wonder Painter SDK is available for various operating systems and hardware platforms.

Wonder Painter Cloud

Enables the Wonder Painter™ experience on any web page or within existing apps (e.g. Facebook, WeChat…), without the need to install additional software.Wonder Painter Cloud Service is perfect for online communications and advertising campaigns.

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