Whether you are an independent cartoon producer, an aspiring director, a passionate animation student, or anyone who has great ideas that look for a keen audience, Wonder Painter provides a new stage to show your hidden talent. Think it not as a way to quickly produce conventional animations, but a new interactive media to tell your story, where your audience’s creativity becomes an integral part of your narrative. How will that inspire your new language of storytelling? We are as curious to find out as you are. 

Using our authoring software Wonder Painter Creator, you can create interactive stories from scratch, or combine with your existing characters and materials. The Wonder Painter Theater App is our free platform to publish your interactive works. With your audience’s own creation becoming part of it, your content is a different experience each time and for each person, thus gaining unlimited replay value. We are always keeping a keen eye for great independent authors. For high-quality independent works, we work closely with authors to promote them to the world. 

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