Wonder Painter™

One of a kind in the world, our patented Wonder Painter™ technology turns anything into vivid animations at a click of your camera.

Step 1. Draw something,  make something (clay,  origami,  building blocks…),  or find something  (toy,  picture book, yourself…).
Step 2Take a photo of it – it comes alive!

Wonder Painter technology can work on any device with a camera: phones, tablets, computers, smart TVs, game consoles, VR/AR headsets, theme park installations… In addition to taking photos, users may also draw directly on the device and see it come to life. 

Wonder Painter technology is available for a wide range of business partners and independent authors. Our software development kit (SDK), web service, and authoring software make it easy to take the Wonder Painter experience into your own content and products. 

Usage Scenarios

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Wonder Painter Theater

Whether you want to deliver a funny story, give an interactive lecture, or put up an online advertisement…, we help Content Producers transforms your content into an interactive and personalized form. With your audience’s own creation becoming part of it, your content is a different experience each time and for each person, thus gaining unlimited replay value.

The Wonder Painter Theater experience is available as a standalone app, as a web service to run in any web browser, and as an SDK that you can build your own software upon.

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Wonder Painter Games

Tired of that same game hero everyone uses? Now players can control their own creations as game characters to kick some butts.

As Game Developers, you can create innovative games for various platforms, where each player’s creativity literally multiplies your game experience. Our SDK gives you full freedom to tailor the experience in your game. Besides action games, Wonder Painter is also perfect for developing education games, as well as mixed-reality apps that give a new life to physical toys. 

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Wonder Painter 3D

Thought making 3D animation is too hard? Draw something and take a snapshot, simple as that.

Taking it to another dimension, Wonder Painter 3D is not only an endlessly creative play experience by its own, but can also add a new source of creativity to applications of Virtual Reality, STEM education, 3D printing, etc.

Wonder Painter 3D can be experienced as a standalone app and will also be available in our SDK soon. 

Solution Components

Wonder Painter SDK

Wonder Painter Software Development Kit (SDK) enables software developers to integrate Wonder Painter technology into their own application/product, be it a mobile app, a game, a smart toy, … your imagination is the limit. Wonder Painter SDK is available for various operating systems and hardware platforms.

Wonder Painter Cloud

Wonder Painter Cloud is a web service that enables you to provide the Wonder Painter experience to your audience on any mobile web page, or within existing apps (e.g. Facebook, WeChat, …), without the need to install additional software. Given its zero entry barrier, it is perfect for online communications and advertising campaigns.

Wonder Painter Creator

Wonder Painter Creator is the authoring software to create your custom content to be experienced in the Wonder Painter style. You may create content from scratch, or combine with your existing characters and materials. Through our online content management platform, your content can then be deployed to your audience in all forms of Wonder Painter solution.


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